Lancaster Serial Numbers & Manufacturers


Aircraft completed after the end of WWII are not included

From   To   Mark   Manufacturer
L7527 R5482   L7584 R5763   B I   A.V. Roe (Manchester)
R5842   R5917   B I   Metropolitan Vickers
W4102   W4384       A.V. Roe (Chadderton)
W4761   W5012   B I / B III   Metropolitan Vickers
DS601   DS852   B II   Armstrong Whitworth
DV155   DV407   B I / B III   Metropolitan Vickers
ED303 EE105   ED999 EE202   B I / B III   A.V. Roe (Chadderton)
FM100   FM299   B X   Victory Aircraft (Canada)
HK535   HK806   B I   Vickers Armstrong (Castle bromwich)
JA672 JB113   JA981 JB748   B III   A.V. Roe (Chadderton)
KB700   KB999   B X   Victory Aircraft (Canada)
LL617   LL739   B II   Armstrong Whitworth
LL740 LM100   LL977 LM296   B I   Armstrong Whitworth
LM301   LM756   B I / B III   A.V. Roe (Yeadon)
ME295   ME551   B I / B III   A.V. Roe (Yeadon)
ME554   ME868   B I   Metropolitan Vickers
ND324 NE112   ND996 NE181   B III   A.V. Roe (Chadderton)
NF906 NG113   NF999 NG503   B I   Armstrong Whitworth
NN694   NN816   B I   Austin Motors (Longbridge)
NX548   NX610   B I   Austin Motors (Longbridge)
NX611   NX794   B VII   Austin Motors (Longbridge)
PA158   PA835   B I   Vickers Armstrong (Chester)
PA964 PB112 PD112   PA999 PB998 PD139   B I / B III   A.V. Roe (Chadderton)
PD198   PD444   B I   Metropolitan Vickers
PP663   PP918   B I   Vickers Armstrong (Castle Bromwich)
RA500 RA787   RA627 RA805   B I   Metropolitan Vickers
RE100   RE226   B III   A.V. Roe (Yeadon)
RF120   RF197   B I   Armstrong Whitworth
RF198   RF326   B III   Armstrong Whitworth
RT670   RT699   B VII   Austin Motors (Longbridge)
SW243   SW279   B I   Metropolitan Vickers
SW283   SW316   B I / B III   Metropolitan Vickers


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