10 Squadron

10 Squadron Crest

Rem Acu Tengere (To hit the mark)

Crown Copyright: Reproduced by kind permission of HMSO

Commanding Officers

W/Cdr W. Stanton June 1938

W/Cdr N.C. Singer April 1940

W/Cdr S.O Bufton July 1940

W/Cdr V.B. Bennett April 1941

W/Cdr J. Tuck September 1941

W/Cdr J.B. Tait May 1942

W/Cdr D.C.T Bennett June 1942

W/Cdr R.K. Wildey July 1942

W/Cdr W. Carter October 1942

W/Cdr D.W. Edmonds February 1943

W/Cdr J.F. Sutton October 1943

W/Cdr D.S. Radford April 1944

W/Cdr U.Y. Shannon October 1944

W/Cdr A.C. Dowden January 1954










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